Protein oligomerization is the biochemical process highly up-regulated in porcine oocytes before in vitro maturation (IVM)

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A wide variety of mechanisms controlling oligomerization are observed. The dynamic nature of protein oligomerization is important for bioactivity control. The oocyte must undergo a series of changes to become a mature form before it can fully participate in the processes associated with its function as a female gamete. The growth of oocytes in the follicular environment is accompanied by surrounding somatic cumulus (CCs) and granulosa cells (GCs). It has been shown that oocytes tested before and after in vitro maturation (IVM) differ significantly in the transcriptomic and proteomic profiles. The aim of this study was to determine new proteomic markers for the oligomerization of porcine oocyte proteins that are associated with cell maturation competence. The Affymetrix microarray assay was performed to examine the gene expression profile associated with protein oligomerization in oocytes before and after IVM. In total, 12258 different transcriptomes were analyzed, of which 419 genes with lower expression in oocytes after IVM. We found 9 genes: GJA1, VCP, JUP, MIF, MAP3K1, INSR, ANGPTL4, EIF2AK3, DECR1, which were significantly down-regulated in oocytes after IVM (in vitro group) compared to oocytes analyzed before IVM (in vivo group). The higher expression of genes involved in the oligomerization of the protein before IVM indicates that they can be recognized as important markers of biological activation of proteins necessary for the further growth and development of pig embryos.

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