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"The Cross is our sign"

Activities, political thought and martyrdom of Janos Esterhazy (1901-1957)

This monograph is a fascinating story about Count János Esterházy – a character that is slowly breaking through to the historical consciousness of Poles – a political activist of Hungarian origin, whose activity dates back to the period of the First Czechoslovak Republic and independent Slovakia. It is fascinating not only because of Esterházy’s remarkable life position, but also due to the author’s exceptional approach to the topic. A. Adamczyk took a challenge against the existing narration about János Esterházy, full of emotion and simplification. In fact, Esterházy, being Hungarian, was involved in the activities aimed at providing assistance to the Hungarian minority in Czechoslovakia (after 1939 – in Slovakia). Doing his best for the good of his countrymen, he did not hesitate to openly confront the most important decision-makers of the state of Masaryk and Beneš, as well as those of Slovakia, ruled by priest J. Tiso at that time. Therefore, his contemporaries considered him an enemy of Czech and Slovak statehood. Moreover, the general impression about the count’s character was further complicated by his firm position against Nazism and Soviet Communism and his attachment to the Catholic Church. The author of the monograph undertook a difficult task to consider all the factors, which determined Esterházy’s actions. Whether he succeeded or not, let the readers decide.

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