Health Promotion at School
Pedagogical Aspects and Practical Implications
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For decades the health of children and adolescents has been a topic of interest in all parts of Europe. And there is quite a consensus that schools are the most appropriate setting to promote health. Childhood and adolescence constitute key stages for learning and adopting a health-related and active lifestyle which includes physical activity and sports. The book describes a new approach to enhance students’ health awareness through experimental learning settings in P.E. class, cross-subject teaching, and project work.
Teaching health topics requires a pedagogical and didactical framework based on the concept of health literacy and interdisciplinary research discussed by the authors. Teaching examples to improve students’ health knowledge, health competencies and skills as well as health behaviour and habits at school implicates a new teaching structure presented in the book.
Prof. Dr. Elke Knisel, Department of Sport Pedagogy and Sport Sociology, Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg, Germany
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