The Common Hamster, Cricetus Cricetus (L.) Populations in the Lower San River Valley

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The Common Hamster, Cricetus Cricetus (L.) Populations in the Lower San River Valley

Seven active localities of the common hamster were found in the Lower San River Valley, while in the Tarnogród Plateau the hamsters are not present any longer. The populations on both banks of the San River belong to the Pannonia phylogeographic lineage. The contact between two Polish phylogeographic lineages: E1 and Pannonia, was not found in this area. Although it is not possible to establish currently what was the former distribution of the phylogroups, it is probable that the barrier between them was formed by the Solska Forest. The genetic diversity of the common hamster populations in the Lower San River Valley is lowered, however quite typical for Polish Pannonia populations. The populations of the Lower San River Valley are isolated from the other parts of the species range in Poland. The only possible connection with other populations is through Ukrainian hamsters in Lvov district.

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