Length-Weight Relationships and Condition Factors of the Naleh Fish, Barbonymus gonionotus (Pisces, Cyprinidae) Harvested from Nagan Raya Waters, Indonesia

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The objective of the present study was to examine the growth pattern and condition factors of the naleh fish, Barbonymus gonionotus Bleeker, 1849 in Nagan River, Nagan Raya District, Aceh Province, Indonesia. The sampling was conducted for 12 months from January 2016 to December 2016 using the explorative survey method. The sampling locations were determined based on the information given by local fishermen. A total of 761 fish samples were collected during the study. The Linear Allometric Model (LAM), Fulton’s and Relative Weight conditions factors were utilized to analyze the length-weight relationship and condition factor of the fish using growth parameters. The results showed that the highest coefficient of b was recorded in December, where the b value of males were 3.82 and 4.23 for the females with the average b value of males and females were 2.92 indicating an isometric growth pattern. The average Fulton’s condition factor (K) was 2.28 and the average Relative weight (Wr) condition factor was 100.59. It is concluded that fish had the isometric growth pattern and based on K and Wr value, the result implies that the waters are still in a good condition. Furthermore, the availability of food sources, low competitors, and low predators indicate that the aquatic environment is in a stable condition.

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