Only a half of Species of Hymenoptera in Rovno Amber Fauna is Common with Baltic Amber

E. E. Perkovsky 1
  • 1 Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology, NAS of Ukraine, vul. B. Khmelnitskogo,, Kyiv, Ukraine


A list of all 117 hymenopteran species recorded from Rovno amber is presented for the fi rst time. Th is list includes 50 named species (43 %) known only in Rovno amber fauna. Of the remaining species, 59 (50 %) are recorded also from Baltic amber, 37 (32 %) from Bitterfeld amber, 26 (22 %) from Scandinavian amber as well. Half of the species (50 %) are known on both sides of the Subparathetys (that is, recorded in Baltic amber as well), and another half is recorded only to south of the Subparathetys (from the Rovno, Bitterfeld and Scandinavian amber only). One subfamily, Eucoilinae Th omson, one tribe, Protomicroidini Antropov, and 19 genera (Archaeocercus Simutnik, Archaeogryon Kononova & Simutnik, Astigmaton Kasparyan, Boltonidris Radchenko & Dlussky, Dipriocampe Bouček, Disogmus Főrster, Fallomyrma Dlussky & Radchenko, Foveorisus Martynova, Lissonota Khalaim, Pristomyrmex Mayr, Protomicroides Antropov, Pseudidris Kononova, Pseudotelea Kononova, Rovenosa Khalaim, Rovnoecus Antropov, Rovnoeucoila Buffi ngton & Perkovsky, Rovnosoma Simutnik, Sierola Cameron, Trjapitzion Simutnik) are recorded only from south of the Subparathetys. Th ese data provide evidence supporting the previously proposed suggestion on the diff erent origin of four main European sources of succinite. Th e data mentioned above confi rm that the source area of the Rovno amber, contrary to the Baltic amber, had been situated southwards from Subparathetys. Platystasius gracilis Kononova & Simutnik and Oxyserphus obsolescens (Brues) are recorded for the fi rst time respectively from Baltic and Scandinavian amber.

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