A Review of the Tribe Delomeristini (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, Pimplinae) in the Ukrainian Carpathians

  • 1 Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology, NAS of Ukraine, , 01030, Kyiv, Ukraine


A list of the Ukrainian Carpathian species of the tribe Delomeristini is reviewed. All ten recorded species are new for the studied region. The genus Atractogaster Kriechbaumer, 1872 with a single European species, A. semisculptus Kriechbaumer, 1872, Delomerista borealis Walkley, 1960, D. novita (Cresson, 1870), D. pfankuchi Brauns, 1905, and Perithous speculator Haupt, 1954 are recorded for Ukraine for the first time. Diagnostic features and illustrations of some species, seasonal dynamics and high-altitude zone distribution in the Ukrainian Carpathians are provided.

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