Current Distribution of the European Grayling, Thymallus Thymallus, and Huchen, Hucho Hucho, in the Transcarpatian Region of Ukraine

A. V. Didenko 1 , E. M. Talabishka 2 , I. I. Velykopolskiy 2 , F. F. Kurtyak 3 ,  and A. I. Kucheruk 1
  • 1 Institute of Fisheries, NAAS of Ukraine, Obukhivska st., 135, , Kyiv, Ukraine
  • 2 Transcarpathian Research Station for the Reproduction of Salmonids and Endangered Fishes of the Institute of Fisheries, NAAS of Ukraine, Uzhhorodska st., 165, , Mukachevo, Ukraine
  • 3 Uzhhorod National University, A. Voloshyn st., 32, , Uzhhorod, Ukraine


The distribution of the European grayling and huchen have been studies using several sources of data including ichthyological surveys, analysis of anglers’ and poachers’ catches, interviewing of local fisheries inspectors, forestry inspectors, and some local people, etc. As the results show, the European grayling is very widespread in the Transcarpathian region inhabiting all major rivers and their major tributaries in piedmont areas. The range of the huchen is narrower and includes the Tisza, Rika, Tereblya, Shopurka, and Teresva River with its tributaries such as the Luzhanka, Brusturyanka, and Mokryanka Rivers. Nevertheless, the huchen is quite widespread in the Transcarpathian region and maintains self-sustaining populations.

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