Rediscovery of Armenian Birch Mouse, Sicista Armenica (Mammalia, Rodentia, Sminthidae)

M. Rusin 1 , A. Ghazaryan 2 , T. Hayrapetyan 2 , G. Papov 2  and A. Martynov 3
  • 1 Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology NAS of Ukraine, B. Khmelnitskogo, 15, , Kyiv, Ukraine
  • 2 Yerevan State University, A. Manoogian 1, , Yerevan , Armenia
  • 3 Zoological Museum, National Museum of Natural History, B. Khmelnitskogo, 15, , Kyiv, Ukraine


Armenian birch mouse is one of the least known species of mammals of Eurasia. It was described as a separate species based on three specimen trapped in 1986. From that time no other Sicista was found in Armenia. In 2015 we surveyed Central and Northern Armenia and established that probably population from the type locality is lost. But we found another population on Sevan Pass. Due to our observations the species meets Critically Endangered B2a+bIV category of the IUCN Red List.

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  • Baloyan, S., Shenbrot, G., Bukhnikashvili, A. 2015. Sicista armenica. Th e IUCN Red List of Th reatened Species: e.T20185A78394077. doi:

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  • Cserkész, T., Rusin, M., Czaban, D., Sramko, G. (in press). Recent geographic distribution of birch mice (genus Sicista) in the western Great Caucasus Mts., with designation of terra typica for Sicista caucasica (Sminthidae, Rodentia). North-Western Journal of Zoology. Accepted paper until proof.

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