Beavers of the Genus Trogontherium (Castoridae, Rodentia)From the Late Miocene of Ukraine

D. A. Apoltsev 1  and L. I. Rekovets 1
  • 1 National Museum of Natural History NAS of Ukraine, vul. B. Khmelnitskogo, 15, Kyiv, 01030 Ukraine


Beavers of the Genus Trogontherium (Castoridae, Rodentia) from the Late Miocene of Ukraine. Apoltsev, D. A., Rekovets, L. I. - The description of teeth and cranial fragments of extinct beavers, belonging to the genus Trogontherium Fischer von Waldheim, 1809 from Late Miocene strata of Ukraine, is presented in this paper. Their comparison with contemporaneous remains from localities in Europe and Asia is conducted. New data on systematics and paleogeography of Trogontherium (Euroxenomys) minutum minutum Meyer, 1938 and T. (Euroxenomys) minutum rhenanum Franzen, Storch, 1975, and also аbout their possible phylogenetic connections with the most ancient representatives of the family Castoridae are presented.

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