Chewing Lice (Order Mallophaga, Suborders Amblycera and Ichnocera) Fauna of Domestic Chicken (Gallus Gallus Domesticus) in Ukraine

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Fauna of chewing lice parasitizing Gallus gallus domesticus Linnaeus, 1758 (domestic chicken) in the Poltava Region was studied. Four species of chewing lice belonging to Menoponidae, Amblycera and Goniodidae, Ischnocera were identified. Of them, Menopon gallinae, Linnaeus, 1758 and Menacantus stramineus Nitzsch, 1818 are dominant, and Menacantus cornutus Schommer, 1913 and Goniocotes hologaster Nitzsch, 1838 are rarer. The prevalence and intensity of infestation of chewing lice on chickens and their localization on the host’s body were studied. Ratio of body lengths is proposed as a character that can facilitate parasites’ identification

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