Taxonomic Review Of The Genus Yunnantettix (Orthoptera, Tetrigidae) From The Oriental Region

S. Yu. Storozhenko 1  and T. I. Pushkar 2
  • 1 Institute of Biology and Soil Science, RAS, Far Eastern Branch, 100 let Vladivostoku ave., 159, Vladivostok, 60022 Russia
  • 2 Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology, NAS of Ukraine, vul. B. Khmelnytskogo, 15, Kyiv, 01030 Ukraine


Taxonomic review of the genus Yunnantettix Zheng, 1995 is given. It is similar to Aspiditettix Liang, 2009, Pseudepitettix Zheng, 1995, and Epitettix Hancock, 1907. Yunnantettix is the most similar to Aspiditettix in the general appearance, the rugose disc of the pronotum, and the bisinuate lateral lobe of the pronotum, and diff erent from it by the completely reduced hind wing and the position of the antennal socket. Yunnantettix is similar to Pseudepitettix and Epitettix in the moderately widened frontal ridge and low median carina of pronotum, but diff erent from the latter by the presence of the narrow tegmen and a shallow yet distinct tegminal (upper) sinus on the pronotal lateral lobe. Originally, Yunnantettix is a monotypic genus (type species: Yunnantettix bannaensis Zheng, 1995 from South China). Two species are additionally included to this genus: Yunnantettix elytratus (Günther, 1939), comb. n. (= Epitettix elytratus Günther, 1939) from India and Yunnantettix thaicus, sp. n. from Th ailand. Th e new species diff ers from all other species of this genus by the shallow excision on apex of the posterior pronotal process and by the external lateral pronotal carina, arch-like and strongly curved upward above the tegmen. A key to the species and redescription of the genus Yunnantettix are provided.

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