A Redescription of Pontoppidania Pontica (Acari, Astigmatina, Acaridae) Inhabiting Algal Debris on Seashores of Black and Azov Seas of Crimea (Ukraine)

S. I. Maslov 1
  • 1 Nikita Botanical Gardens — National Scientific Center, Yalta, Crimea, 98648 Ukraine


A Redescription of Pontoppidania pontica (Acari, Astigmatina, Acaridae) Inhabiting Algal Debris on Seashores of Black and Azov Seas of Crimea (Ukraine). Maslov, S. I. - A male and female of a littleknown species of mites Pontoppidania pontica (Volgin et Shchur, 1974) is redescribed based on material from algal debris of seashores of marine nature reserves of Crimea. A key to species of the genus Pontoppidania Oudemans, 1923 of the world is provided.

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