Preliminary Analysis of Phylogenetic Relationships Among Palaearctic Simuliinae (Diptera, Simuliidae) Inferred From Morphological Characters

K. B. Sukhomlin 1
  • 1 Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University Pr. Voli, 13, Lutsk, 43025 Ukraine


Phylogenetic relationships among the Palaearctic genera of the subfamily Simuliinae are analyzed based on the matrix of 100 morphological characters and 37 taxa, including 6 outgroups. Parsimonic analysis was resulted in 3 consensus trees (weighting based on CI, RI and RC indices) of slightly different topology, which show monophyly of the subfamily Simuliinae, tribes Stegopternini, Nevermanniini, Wilhelmiini and Simuliini, and a possible sister-group relationships between the latter two tribes. Tribe Ectemniini is apparently a paraphyletic formation. The analysis also supports transferring of the Stegopternini and Nevermanniini from Prosimuliinae to Simuliinae.

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