The Evolution of the Regional Development Policies


Kuklinski (Kuklinski A. 1987), realized, from an epistemological perspective, a history of the international and interdisciplinary progress in matters of regional policy.

According to the authors’ conception, an international scientific movement in the domain of regional studies refers to: the examination of the regional studies carried out in different countries to identify the diversity of ideological and intellectual attitudes, the techniques and the motivations.

Today this phenomenon must be considered from a new perspective in the framework of a global analysis of the different scientific schools which perceive regional studies in particular and original ways.

A scientific school can be defined as all the activities of a well-organized team, capable of producing, in the course of a long period, a series of relatively important and diversified innovations in three domains:

  1. a)theory and research methods;
  2. b)empirical knowledge of the existing reality;
  3. c)creation of tools and policies in order to transform this reality according to the development goals accepted by a determined epoch and in a determined region.

The main feature of a scientific school is represented by its capacity to innovate a series of theoretical and empirical studies (Kuklinski A. 1987).

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