Dashboard – Control and Pilot Instrument in the Romanian Patrimonial Entities


Assess the performance of a patrimonial entity, its financial position and its change, the degree of risk in an economic and financial environment - socially dynamic, requires information far beyond the scope of financial-accounting information. Therefore, it is necessary to complete the financial data provided by the financial statements with the information on the technical and human potential (equipment quality, modernization, qualification of employees, level of labor productivity, etc.), commercial potential (quality of products / services and distribution network, price level, etc.), the intensity of competition, the position of the entity on the market, the image of the entity and its products / services, etc. All this information can be synthesized on responsibility boards (technical and production, human resources, trade-supply / sales / marketing, etc.) in a dashboard, which is a synoptic, legible and interpretable instrument, carried out with a certain frequency, which highlights the significant deviations between the results achieved and the fixed objectives, in order to ensure the necessary corrections for the good performance of the activity. This communication aims to highlight the results of the research on the importance of the dashboard as a control and pilotage tool for Romanian patrimonial entities.

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