Selected Reliable Indicators of Sustainable Land Management (SLM) in the European Union

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The concept of sustainability and the feasibility options have been discussed in specialized literature sources for about three decades only. Sustainable development has several definitions; it is defined both in narrow and wider sense. The definition of sustainability is regarded inevitable because the sustainability of agriculture can be interpreted only within this fixed conceptual framework. Our study primarily deals with issues of sustainability in farming practices being specific to countries and regions of the European Union. In frames of the current research we provide the analysis of the ability to produce value added within agricultural sector, the intensity of farming, the non-renewable external input use, farm structure as well as the European-level relations being directed towards the preservation of land productivity.

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Visegrad Journal on Bioeconomy and Sustainable Development

International Scientific Journal on Bioeconomy and Sustainable Delelopment; The Journal of Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

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