Effect of Neem Treeextract on Heteroptera Bugs Occurrence in Bean Grown for Seeds

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Effect of Neem Treeextract on Heteroptera Bugs Occurrence in Bean Grown for Seeds

The evaluation of natural and chemical pesticides in Heteroptera bugs control was carried out in the field experiment conducted during 2003-2005 at Skierniewice. Lambda-cyhalothrin (Karate 025 EC) registered for Heteroptera bugs control in conventional cultivation of bean and Neem Tree extract (Neem Azal TS) recommended for organic farming were examined.

During the three years of experiment the highest population out of the whole Heteroptera bugs made Lygus rugulipennis, 92.4-96.1% in dependence on the year. Though the percentage of the mentioned species was almost similar in all years, still the number of caught insects differed in years from 735 to 1231 adults respectively. The differences in the bugs occurrence according to the year were significant. In 2003 the number of all Heteroptera species found during the whole vegetation season was the lowest and made 782 specimen as compared to 2004 when the total number of all Heteroptera bugs was 1332 specimen. In consequence the yield of bean seeds was the most seriously damaged in 2004.

Both treatments significantly limited the number of Heteroptera bugs at the time of bean flowering and pot setting as compared to untreated control. Both pesticides reduced the amount of damaged seeds and the efficacy of the treatment increased as the number of application increased from once till three times treatment.

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