Comparision of methods used for estimation of lipophilicity of biologically active phenylthioamides

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Comparision of methods used for estimation of lipophilicity of biologically active phenylthioamides

Effectiveness of compound actions on living organisms depends on optimal lipophilicity. For studied 2,4-dihydroxyphenylthioamides of microbiocidal properties there were determined the values of lipophilicity parameters: log kw, using high performance liquid chromatography and log P - the theoretical distribution coefficient in the n-octanol/water system. The search for a theoretical method was made which could replace chromatographic methods in preliminary choice of compounds of presumably high fungicidal activity.

The obtained results point to the Crippens and Ghose method and the values log P determined in this way correlate well with log kw and allow to choose a lipophilicity range in which the biological activity is the largest.

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