Ceria-zirconia supported gold catalysts

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Ceria-zirconia supported gold catalysts

This paper presents the most important achievements and conclusions coming from the contributions concerning ceria-zirconia supported Au catalysts for low temperature water gas-shift reaction and low-temperature CO oxidation. The usefulness of CeO2-ZrO2 mixed oxides as supports for Au nanoparticles has been reviewed, mainly from the point of view of their contribution to those reactions. A special attention was paid to the active sites of CO oxidation and WGS reaction over Au/ceria-zirconia systems. Some aspects of the reactions mechanisms are also discussed. Ceriazirconia supported gold catalysts appear to be very promising systems, which have a potential to create a new quality in the catalysis of WGS reaction. Ceria-zirconia mixed oxides also seem to be very promising supports for Au nanoparticles in CO oxidation. They could find a practical application in ambient conditions, especially in air purification systems and a breathing apparatus. It is possible that gold could be usefully incorporated into automobile catalysts, considering that the price of other noble metals is rising rapidly. Their use in this application will, however, require demonstration of adequate stability at operating temperatures.

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