Dependence between occurrence of selected species of psammic rotifers and phytopsammon abundance

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Dependence between occurrence of selected species of psammic rotifers and phytopsammon abundance

Correlations between densities of dominant species of psammic (i.e. sand-loving) rotifers and densities of cyanobacteria and algae were studied on beaches of 16 natural lakes and 11 artificial water bodies. The lakes are located in the Bytów, Drawsko and Wielkopolska Lakelands (NW Poland), while the artificial water bodies, on the Silesian Upland (SW Poland). The psammon was dominated by diatoms and green algae in lakes of the Bytów and Drawsko Lakelands, and by cyanobacteria and diatoms, in lakes of the Wielkopolska Lakeland. In artificial water bodies in Upper Silesia, diatoms and cyanobacteria were the most abundant. Rotifer densities differed significantly between zones of the psammolittoral. Densities of some rotifer species were significantly correlated with the abundance of chlorophytes.

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