University Training Centers for Visual Arts Education Teachers in 1945-1989

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Uniwersyteckie ośrodki kształcenia nauczycieli wychowania plastycznego w latach 1945-1989

University Training Centers for Visual Arts Education Teachers in 1945-1989

Among many higher education institutions that trained teachers for conducting classes in visual arts education as a school subject and visual arts classes in out-of-school centers, especially worth noting are universities, where this training was implemented most completely. University-level education in visual arts in 1945-1989 was conducted by Maria Curie Skłodowska University (UMCS) in Lublin, Nicolaus Copernicus University (UMK) in Toruń, and the University of Silesia (UŚ) Branch in Cieszyn.

At the UMCS, training teachers in visual arts started in 1973 at the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, with the starting of the intramural and extramural professional study program in visual arts education. The strengthening of the position of these study programs contributed to the setting up of the Institute of Art Education in 1976. In the first period of the existence of the Institute of Art Education it consisted of the Department of Painting, Graphic Arts and Sculpture, and the Department of Theory and Pedagogy of Visual Arts Education, which, with time and according to the emerging specificity of teaching individual disciplines, were divided into a larger number of units. In the academic year of 1977/78 the Institute of Art Education made endeavors to acquire the status of a non-faculty institute. These initiatives were realized only in 1989, when the Institute of Art Education started to function with the status of an independent faculty.

In the early years of the forming of the Art Faculty at the UMK in Toruń only art education was conducted. Initially, this was the Chair of Fine Arts with six sections at the Faculty of Humanities of the then newly established university, which (the Chair) was transformed into a separate faculty in 1946. In 1950-1968 two study programs were set up at the Faculty of Fine Arts: in art and pedagogy and in preservation and restoration of cultural property. In 1953 the Teaching Lab was set up at the Chair of Drawing, a year later it was transformed into the Department of Methodology of Teaching Drawing and Visual Arts Subjects. In 1969 two institutes were established at the Fine Arts Faculty: the Pedagogical and Arts Institute and the Institute of Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property. In the Pedagogical and Arts Institute the Department of Arts Pedagogy and Development of Visual Forms was setup and in 1972 it was divided into two separate departments.

The educational activities in visual arts at the UŚ Branch in Cieszyn began in 1973, when the Department of Visual Arts Education was set up in the then higher education college of pedagogy and arts (without faculties), which offered four-year master's degree programs. In 1977 this UŚ Branch obtained the status of the Pedagogical and Arts Faculty, which enabled the establishment of the Institute of Musical and Visual Arts Education. Four years later the Chair of Visual Arts Education was set up, which was transformed into the Institute of Visual Arts Education in the academic year 1982/1983. In the Institute there were two departments: the Department of Painting and Sculpture, and the Department of Structures of Environment Forming and Graphic Art.

The starting of the uniform intramural and extramural master's degree study programs in visual arts education was aimed at training teachers of this subject to work in primary and secondary schools (general education and vocational ones), instructors for visual arts clubs, and experts in this subject. The syllabus of the visual arts course published in 1977 by the Ministry of Science, Higher Education and Technology combined the subjects in the field of visual arts creation (inter alia painting, graphic art, or sculpture) with the study of theoretical and historical subjects. The program was bidirectional: visual arts and pedagogical subjects. The basis was the course in visual arts but the two program parts were to be understood as broadly as possible and to supplement each other.


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