Identifying Road Traffic Accidents Hotspots Areas Using GIS in Ethiopia: A Case Study of Hosanna Town

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Due to increasing human population and the number of vehicles, road traffic accident has significant influence on human life and economic development. In the present study, road traffic accident data of three years (2015-2017) were obtained from Hosanna Town Traffic Police Department, and Hosanna Town Transport Authority in Ethiopia. The Global Position System was used to know X, Y coordinates of the accident locations. Global Position System point data and accident data were added to road network data using the ‘Joins and relates’ function in ArcGIS. The results of the study showed a total of 241 Road traffic accidents (RTAs) were occurred in the town from which about 208 victims occurred on people and 33 damaged properties. Based on severity and frequencies of RTAs top nine hot spot areas were identified which requires high attention to protect people and property from damage and loss. Thus, the government and other concerned stakeholders should provide public education and awareness creation to reduce risk of fatalities and property damage due to RTAs in Hosanna town.

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