“Mass Centre” Vectorization Algorithm for Vehicle’s Counting Portable Video System

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Vehicle counting is one of the most basic challenges during the development and establishment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). The main reason for vehicle counting is the necessity of monitoring and maintaining the transport infrastructure, preventing different kind of faults such as traffic jams. The main applied solution to this problem is video surveillance, which is presented by different kind of systems. Some of these systems use a network of static traffic cameras, expensive for establish and maintain, or mobile units, fast for redeployment, but fewer in diversity.

In this paper, one particular concept of a low-cost mobile vehicle counting system is investigated, which uses an object detection method based on calculating “mass centre” of detected features of possible object. A hypothesis of improvement of the basic algorithm was formulated and a modification was proposed. In order to prove the hypothesis, both basic and modified algorithms were tested and evaluated.

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