Road Traffic Measurement and Related Data Fusion Methodology for Traffic Estimation

Tamás Tettamanti 1 , Márton Tamás Horváth 1  und István Varga 1
  • 1 Department of Control for Transportation and Vehicle Systems, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Stoczek J. u. 2., H-1111 Budapest, Hungary


The knowledge of road traffic parameters is of crucial importance to ensure state-of-the-art traffic services either in public or private transport. In our days, a plethora of road traffic data are continuously collected producing historical and real-time traffic information as well. The available information, however, arrive from inhomogeneous sensor systems. Therefore, a data fusion methodology is proposed based on Switching Kalman Filter. The concept enables efficient travel time estimation for urban road traffic network. On the other hand, the method may contribute to a better macroscopic traffic modelling.

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