Reproductive Ecology of Bruguiera cylindrica (L.) Bl. (Rhizophoraceae), A True Viviparous Mangrove Tree Species in Coringa Mangrove Forest, Andhra Pradesh (India)

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Bruguiera cylindrica (L.) Bl. bloom during September-March. It is hermaphroditic, protandrous, self-compatible and facultative xenogamous. The flowers possess an explosive pollination mechanism and are pollinated by bees and wasps. The pollination mechanism is characterized by special petal-stamen configuration in which each petal encloses two stamens and becomes tensed after anthesis. Each petal behaves independently and the explosion of all petals of a flower requires one or two visits. Individual flowers produce only one seed which produces seedlings on the maternal plant. The seedlings use self-planting strategy at low tide and stranding strategy at high tide. Both strategies are useful for regeneration in maternal environment and in areas away from material environment.

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