Some Morphological Characters of Female of Mothocya epimerica Costa, 1851 (Flabellifera: Cymothoidae) from Sea of Marmara

Ali Alaş 1 , Ahmet Öktener 2 , and Dilek Türker 3
  • 1 Necmettin Erbakan University, A. K. Education Faculty, Department of Biology, B Block, Meram, Konya, Turkey TR-42090
  • 2 Sheep Research Institute, Department of Fisheries, Çanakkale Street km 7, Bandirma, Balikesir, Turkey, TR-10200
  • 3 Balikesir University, Science Faculty, Department of Biology, Cagıs Campus, Balikesir, Turkey, TR-10300


Mothocya epimerica Costa, 1851 (Flabellifera: Cymothoidae) is a cymothoid parasite of fishes belonging to Atherinidae (Atherina hepsetus, Atherina boyeri) from Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea and Atlantic Ocean. recorded this parasite for the first time in Turkey. The mentioned authors presented some morphological characters, although, some characters are not explained in the publication. Some morphological characters seen on the mandible, maxilliped, maxilla, maxillue and the spines on pleopods of the female of M. epimerica are shown. The characters presented in our study are based on the drawings made from collected specimens.

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