The Economic and Ecological Potential of Macrophytic Vegetation in Urban Lakes

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This paper considers certain elements relating to the ecological and economic importance of the aquatic macrophytes common in the Câmpia Română/Romanian Plain lakes, especially those species belonging to the genera Myriophyllum and Potamogeton, common in Bucharest’s urban lakes. At present, the macrophytes of the Bucharest lakes are collected by personnel of the Lakes, Parks and Leisure Administration of Bucharest by mechanised and manual methods, which are sun-dried and transported as waste and deposited in a landfill. Thus these macrophytes are merely generating costs through harvest, transport and storage, instead of being a direct revenue source for the City hall. This study presents a review of international literature in support of the economic potential as fertiliser for open field crop, orchard and garden crop application, as well as food for farm animals. The last portion of the paper argues the vital need for the preservation of macrophyte stands in the lacustrine habitat for green, sustainable and integrated management of the urban lakes used for leisure and fishing.

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