On ps-ro semiopen fuzzy set and ps-ro fuzzy semicontinuous, semiopen functions

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The aim of this paper is to introduce and characterize ps-ro semiopen (semiclosed) fuzzy sets, which are totally independent of the existing notion of fuzzy open (closed) sets and semiopen (semiclosed) fuzzy sets. Also, in term of these fuzzy sets and operators ps-scl and ps-sint, a class of functions named as ps-ro fuzzy semicontinuous and ps-ro fuzzy semiopen (closed) functions are defined and their various properties are studied. ps-ro fuzzy semicontinuity is indeed totally different from both the existing concepts of fuzzy continuity and fuzzy semicontinuity. Similarly, ps-ro fuzzy open (closed) and well known concept of fuzzy semiopen (closed) functions do not imply each other. These concepts are used as new tools to study different characterizations of the given fuzzy topological space, giving a new dimension in the study of fuzzy topological spaces.

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