Risk management analysis in construction enterprises in selected regions in Poland

  • 1 Faculty of Materials, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Bielsko-Biala
  • 2 Faculty of Economics, University of Economics in Katowice


This paper aims to outline the selected issues of risk management in construction enterprises operating in the Silesian and Małopolskie voivodships (Poland). In this context, it seems vitally important to have risk accurately identified, quantified and, consequently, responded to in the right way. Although the paper is mainly empirical in its character, it is based on a theoretical background, particularly when it comes to risk management in the construction industry, which is referred to in the literature on the subject as CRM (Construction Risk Management). The paper contains a review of the literature in this field and uses the method of synthesis. It emphasises the applicability and methodology of the issues discussed here, i.e. those which were verified in the empirical research conducted among construction contractors as participants of investment and construction processes.

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