Preparation and Implementation of a Test Flight of Lightweight, Unmanned Stratospheric Balloon with Gopro Camera Mounted and Analysis of Acquired Material

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Publication contains a description of the preparation and the implementation of a test flight of a stratospheric balloon with a mounted camera GoPro Hero3. Description includes: used equipment, its parameters, role in the success of the mission and the difficulties and limitations that the project team encountered during the preparation and implementation of the flight. The mission was attended by a team of six engineers and scientists from the Remote Sensing Division, who were also involved in the implementation of the HESOFF project. One of the main goals of the HESOFF project was to obtain aerial images on the Krotoszyńska Plate (woj. wielkopolskie) using the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and to carry out remote monitoring of oak stands. The primary goal of an experimental balloon flight was to check the technical operational capability and gain experience in planning and implementing this type of project. During the balloon raising, the video material was acquired in the form of a recording, which later was analyzed. On the basis of the collected information, the conclusions regarding the possibility of implementing a long endurance flight in the stratosphere, illustrating (using a multisensor platform) research surfaces of the HESOFF project were presented. The stages of implementation of the presented mission were divided into following parts: preparation of the flight with the completion of equipment and necessary documents (flight permission), proper flight realization, understood as the release of the balloon and identification of the place where the equipment landed, as well as analysis and presentation of the results.

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