Measuring Stand Tests of a Michell-Banki Waterturbine Prototype, Performedunder Natural Conditions

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The article presents the result of tests of a single segment of a prototype water turbine, performed in order to determine its shaft power output as a function of rpm, and to verify the declared performance. The results have been compared with the outcomes of numerical calculations performed, for the same conditions, with the use of FLUENT software. The work presents information of crucial importance for presenting the process of testing the piece in question, such as: test environment, properties of the test piece, testing equipment used, as well as the methodology and the course of hydromechanical measurements, along with the characteristics of the results obtained. Then, the measurement results are discussed and analyzed. Conclusions are presented as well. Analysis of the results, taking into consideration the physical image of phenomena occurring in the case of flow-devices, such as water turbines, has made it possible to define other, important characteristics of the turbine, such as: output, shaft torque and efficiency, as a function of rpm and head of turbine. Test results have confirmed the expected mechanical and power-related properties of the turbine and have proved the numerical flow modeling model used effective.

A brief description of the prospects concerning new applications of the turbine discussed has been presented as well

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