Flow Visualization Over an Airfoil with Flight Control Surfaces in a Water Tunnel

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This paper demonstrates the feasibility of using-a water tunnel for the visualisation of flow in airfoils with flight control systems in the form of slots and flaps. Furthermore, the issue of using water tunnels for scientific and training purposes was explained. The technology of 3D printed models for practical tests in a water tunnel was also presented. The experiment included conducting flow visualisation tests for three airfoil models: with the Clark Y 11.7% as the base airfoil and the same airfoil with a slot and a flap. Moreover, a modification to dye injection system was introduced. The presented results of flow visualisation around models with the use of dye, confirmed the effectiveness of the applied methodology. The results and conclusions may be utilized to verify most flow-related issues in hydrodynamic tunnels and can also be used as a training element.

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