The Influence of the Fastener Hole Preparation Method on the Fastener Pull-Through Process in a Carbon Composite

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This article studies the pull-through resistance of a titanium carbon fibre-epoxy resin laminate fastener. Coupons with fastener holes made with different methods were compared – drilled, milled on a CNC plotter and special fibre application during laminate production. The tests were conducted according to the ASTM D7332 test standard. The studies showed that the fastener hole preparation method impacts the laminate’s resistance to fastener pull-through. Coupons with holes made with standard (drilling and milling) methods showed fastener pull-through resistance higher, on average, by 6.5% than in coupons with holes placed during plate production. Fastener work to rupture was also higher for coupons with milled and drilled holes. Microscopic observations in UV-light, using a fluorescent penetrant, showed differences in failure mechanisms between individual coupons, especially the lack of fibres in the 0° direction, in immediate vicinity to a hole prepared during laminate application.

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