Forms and mobility of trace elements in soils of park areas from the city of Bydgoszcz, north Poland

Halina Dąbkowska-Naskręt 1 , Szymon Różański 1  and Agata Bartkowiak 1
  • 1 UTP University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Agriculture and Biotechnology, Department of Soil Science and Soil Protection, Bernardyńska St. 6, 85-029 Bydgoszcz, Poland


Increasing human activity affects urban ecosystem, including soils. The objective of the study were examine the content of lead, cadmium, copper, zinc, and manganese in soils of city parks and green areas from Bydgoszcz agglomeration, north Poland, estimate their forms and mobility, characterize distribution within soil profile, and estimate their origin – anthropogenic or natural. Three green areas from the older part of the city were selected for the study. Multistep sequential extraction method was conducted for the separation of seven metal fractions. It is concluded that soil studied were contaminated mainly by zinc and lead. These metals exist mainly in relatively non mobile forms i.e. associated with amorphous and crystalline iron oxides and with soil organic matter. The distribution within soil depth varied due to the elution process and variation of mixed soil material and additives.

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