Attitudes of Students of Faculty of Sport and Physical Education from Belgrade about Alpinism Activities Influence on Group Socialization and Future Professional Work

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In frame of subject Outdoor activities, as mandatory practical teaching, students of sport and physical education from Belgrade have ten days summer camp. From twelve different practical contents 43% represent base for implementation of alpinism activities. Alpinism activities and its base means: camping, hiking, navigation, mountaineering and alpinism. Socialization is process, in which members of society became capable for life in social community. The main goal of socialization is adoption of characteristically behavior with the ability to adapt to new environmental with personality preservation. Professors of PE through their subject need to adapt their expertise to opportunities of their pupils and direct then to the essence of sport and PE. Beside transfer of knowledge and skill, professors have a task to follow and evaluate development of pupil, to cooperate with colleagues and pupil parents, to organize workshops, excursions, competitions… Research was implemented during last day of camp, with five grade rating scale. Results shows high awareness of student population regarding alpinism activities in relationship with nature and frustrations that nature gives to us.

This is one more confirmation that shows importance of existing this educational contents. Its necessary to elaborate program activities with more details and diversity in order to have offer of better quality, and realization in higher percent of these activities.

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