Illegal, Legal, Irregular or Regular – Who is the Incoming Foreigner?

Magdalena Perkowska 1
  • 1 University of Bialystok Poland


Irregular migration is a global topic which currently occupies a central position especially in Europe. Illegal migration as a concept covers a number of rather different issues. We can find different terms as clandestine migration, illegal entry, irregular migrant, undocumented migrant irregular migration etc., to name the phenomenon of illegal entry, illegal stay or overstaying a visa-free travel period. In the context of legal instruments and recommendations of the United Nations and European Union, this article tries to present the multitude of terms and definitions concerning the phenomenon of migration that is unusual to rules and regulations, and its authors who neither recognise nor follow legal migration procedure. The article also endeavours to present the terms which are mostly used in legal discourse and examples of particular acts and contexts in which they are used.

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