Correlation of Salt Sensitivity, Plasma Renin Activity and Aldosterone in Hypertensive Patients

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Plasma-renin values vary in normotensive and hypertensive populations. Some studies consider renin to be a key factor in the aetiology of hypertension, but other studies note that renin is an important factor in cardiovascular homeostasis and functions more as a growth factor than as a pressor hormone. The aim of this study was to assess the PRA and aldosterone values under different salt intake regimes in patients with essential hypertension. The study group consisted of 50 untreated patients (27 women and 23 men; average age 42±9,2 yrs.; average BMI 27,91±4,6 kg/m2) with essential hypertension. All patients were put on a high-sodium diet (200 mmol NaCl per day) for one week after a week on a low-sodium diet (20 mmol NaCl per day). Sodium sensitivity (SS) was defined as a 10-mmHg increase in the mean blood pressure at the end of the high- vs. the low-sodium diet. The SS group consisted of 26 patients, and the sodiuminsensitive group consisted of 24 patients. The PRA and aldosterone levels were determined in 12 patients. PRA values in the SS group during rest were significantly lower compared with the salt-resistant group during all regimes of salt intake (F=10,56, p=0,0012). Salt loading in SS patients causes a significant decrease in PRA (in rest and effort) values in comparison to values during a low salt intake regime (rest: t=4,49, p<0,001; effort: t=3,45, p<0,01). The PRA values in the salt-resistant group did not vary significantly under the different salt intake regimes. The aldosterone values followed the pattern of the PRA values. It is necessary to distinguish investigations on salt intake effects based on incidence and value of blood pressure and investigations on salt restriction’s effects on of blood pressure levels (i.e., non-pharmacological hypertension therapy).

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