Effects of Provinols on Cardiodynamics and Coronary Flow in Islodated Rat Hearts

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Provinols are an alcohol-free extract of red wine that contains a wide range of polyphenols. Polyphenols are a group of chemical compounds found in diverse plants. Polyphenols are considered to protect against cardiovascular disease. Although some older epidemiological studies have indicated that the positive effects of red wine on heart disease can be attributed to the alcohol content alone, there is now powerful evidence that polyphenols present in red wine are responsible for these positive effects. The hearts of male Wistar albino rats (n = 36, 12 in each experimental group, 10 weeks old, body mass 250 ± 30 g) were excised and retrogradely perfused according to the Langendorff technique at a gradually increasing perfusion pressure (40-120 cmH2O). Parameters of cardiac function (dp/dt max, dp/dt min, SLVP, DLVP, HR, CF) were measured after perfusion with three different concentrations of provinols (5 μg/ml, 10 μg/ml and 50 μg/ml). Administration of the highest dose (50 μg/ml) induced a significant increase in dp/dt max, dp/dt min, HR and CF compared with control conditions at CPP = 40 cmH2O, while an intermediate dose increased dp/dt max at the same CPP. Generally viewed, the results of the present study suggest that provinols may have a beneficial effect on the intact myocardium and coronary circulation. These findings could constitute an important step in further investigation of these polyphenols under different representative experimental conditions in the heart, as well as providing a good basis for potential clinical studies in this field.

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