Artificial Penile Nodules: a Case Series of Three Patients

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Artificial penile nodules are inert objects inserted beneath the skin of the penis. Objects placed underneath the skin of the penile shaft may include plastic beads made from toothbrushes, silicon, metal pellets, glass, ivory, precious metals, marbles or pearls. The penile bead implantation is performed largely due to the belief that it will enhance sexual performance and pleasure of female or male sexual partners during intercourse. In this article, three cases with artificial penile nodules made of toothbrushes and dice are presented. All three men have implanted foreign bodies underneath the dorsal aspect of the penile skin during their prison stay and implantations were not followed by any side effects. However, insertion of foreign bodies may be followed by early and late complications and transmission of blood-borne viruses. Penile implants are important for dermatological consideration, because they make condom use more difficult and may represent a risk factor for sexually transmitted infections.

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