Inclinometer monitoring system for stability analysis: the western slope of the Bełchatów field case study

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The geological structure of the Bełchatów area is very complicated as a result of tectonic and sedimentation processes. The long-term exploitation of the Bełchatów field influenced the development of horizontal displacements. The variety of factors that have impact on the Bełchatów western slope stability conditions, forced the necessity of complex geotechnical monitoring. The geotechnical monitoring of the western slope was carried out with the use of slope inclinometers. From 2005 to 2013 fourteen slope inclinometers were installed, however, currently seven of them are in operation. The present analysis depicts inclinometers situated in the north part of the western slope, for which the largest deformations were registered. The results revealed that the horizontal displacements and formation of slip surfaces are related to complicated geological structure and intensive tectonic deformations in the area. Therefore, the influence of exploitation marked by changes in slope geometry was also noticeable.


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