Improved Formulation of the Hardening Soil Model in the Context of Modeling the Undrained Behavior of Cohesive Soils

Andrzej Truty 1  and Rafał Obrzud 2
  • 1 Institute of Geotechnics, Cracow University of Technology, Poland
  • 2 GeoMod S.A., Switzerland


The analysis of an important drawback of the well known Hardening Soil model (HSM) is the main purpose of this paper. A special emphasis is put on modifying the HSM to enable an appropriate prediction of the undrained shear strength using a nonzero dilatancy angle. In this light, the paper demonstrates an advanced numerical finite element modeling addressed to practical geotechnical problems. The main focus is put on serviceability limit state analysis of a twin-tunnel excavation in London clay. The two-phase formulation for partially saturated medium, after Aubry and Ozanam, is used to describe interaction between soil skeleton and pore water pressure.

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