XP-endo Finisher: A New Solution for Smear Layer Removal

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Introduction The aim of this study was to evaluate using SEM analysis the effectiveness of a new instrument XP-endo Finisher in cleaning root canal walls after instrumentation with BioRaCe NiTi rotary instruments.

Material and Methods This in vitro study was conducted on 30 extracted single rooted teeth divided in two groups. Instrumentation of all canals was done using basic BioRaCe NiTi rotary instruments with copious irrigation of 2% NaOCl. In the first group, after complete instrumentation smear layer was removed using XP-endo Finisher, while the other group served as negative control. The roots were then after longitudinally cut and SEM analysis was performed. The presence of smear layer in the coronal, middle and apical third was assessed. The data were statistically analyzed using Mann-Whitney U-test (p<0.05).

Results The results showed that average value of smear layer on the canal walls in the XP-endo Finisher group was significantly lower than in the control group (p<0.05).

Conclusion XP-endo Finisher after canal instrumentation with NiTi rotary instruments effectively cleaned canal walls and removed smear layer.

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