Effect of Tapered Interference Fit between Impeller and Shaft in Turbo Machines

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In Turbo machines, there are many components which are provided with interference to transmit torque and to maintain contact between them. There are transient scenarios where impeller and shaft lose interference and limits the speed of the impeller. In this paper, a case study on centrifugal compressor has been presented to see the effect of taper pairing of shaft with impeller. When the centrifugal compressor starts then a transient condition is dominant wherein the impeller of the centrifugal compressor gains higher temperature quickly compared to shaft. Since the thermal expansion of the impeller will be much more than the shaft, interference between impeller and shaft is likely to reduce. With reduced interference, the impeller should retain minimum required contact pressure with the shaft and the torque transmitting capability. For conventional fitted impeller, stress built up is a major concern especially at higher speeds. This paper gives a proposal about the importance of tapered interference fit method compared to cylindrical fitted impeller assembly. An effective analysis between the conventional straight fitted impeller and impeller having tapered bore is presented for the same torque transfer capability. The analysis reveals that for the impeller with tapered bore, the stress for impeller reduces and a healthy contact pressure exists.

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