Simulation Process Deep Drawing of Tailor Welded Blanks DP600 and BH220 Materials in Tool With Elastic Blankholder

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The high-strength steels and tailor welded blanks (TWB) are applied in construction of cars parts to reduction of cars weight [1, 2]. The application of these materials brings possible complicatons during the forming when it proves the considerable influence of stress-strain characteristics differences of of the individual parts of TWB what result in non-constant material flow and consequently a negative movement of the weld interface [3, 4]. One of the ways of elimination of this negative effect is to choose a suitable blankholder system with optimal distribution of blankholder forces by using elastic blankholder with adjustable distribution of blankholder forces. Within the bounds of study the experimental blankholder system with elastic blankholder with adjustable distribution of blankholder forces was used [5, 6]. Finite element methods (FEM) simulation has unsubstitutable role n the study of formability of TWB whereby it is possible to determine the values and points of application of the blankholder forces [7, 8]. The FEM simulations results carried out in simulative LS-Dyna software are presented in this article which is focused on achieving weld interface movement minimalization of tailor welded blanks from DP600 and BH220 materials by optimization of blankholder forces [9, 10].

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