Evaluation of Airlines Performance Using an Integrated Critic and Codas Methodology: The Case of Star Alliance Member Airlines

Kiraci Kasim 1  and Bakir Mahmut 2
  • 1 Iskenderun Technical University, Department of Aviation Management, Turkey
  • 2 Eskişehir Technical University, Department of Aviation Management, Turkey


In the airline industry where intense competition has taken place, performance evaluation is vital for airlines to achieve their goals and to gain a competitive advantage. This study aims to evaluate the performance of airlines based on the role of performance evaluation in the airline industry. For this purpose, twelve FSCs (Full-Service Carriers) were evaluated based on financial and airline-specific performance indicators for the 2015-2017 period. While the sample consisted of Star Alliance member airlines, an integrated CRITIC and CODAS methodology was proposed in the study. In addition, a sensitivity analysis was performed after the application to examine the accuracy and the stability of the results. The results of the study reveal that financial indicators have a higher impact on performance compared to operational indicators. Moreover, Singapore Airline (SIA) is the best airline regardless of T change.

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