Electronic Commerce Toward Digital Bangladesh: Business Expansion Model Based on Value Chain in the Network Economy

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The purpose of this research paper is to study the present status of e-commerce industry in Bangladesh and finding out comprehensive model based solution for the expansion of the sector spreading e-commerce all over the country. SWOT analysis has been conducted and business expansion model has been developed from the data generated from surveying to the reputed e-commerce business organizations and customers of e-commerce. Primary data has been collected from the top level management of e-commerce business organizations and e-commerce customers as interviewees while secondary data have been collected from Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission reports, relevant literature etc. This study identifies that e-commerce intermediation and channel conflict are the great problems in case of e-commerce business expansion that increases the price level of the products and services but can not reach mass people outside the mega cities as Dhaka. That is why a value chain based business expansion model has been proposed to reach the mass people of Bangladesh for inclusive e-commerce through e-commerce agent. The study will provide insights to the policy makers to work with e-commerce business expansion in the process of digitization of Bangladesh.

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