Mechanical Properties of Granular Materials and Their Impact on Load Distribution in Silo: A Review

J. Horabik 1  and M. Molenda 1
  • 1 Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Agrophysics, Lublin, Poland


Mechanical properties of granular materials and their impact on load distribution in storage silo were discussed with special focus on materials of biological origin. Granular materials classification was briefly outlined. The evolution of constitutive models of granular materials developed in the frame of mechanics of continuum was addressed. Analytical methods, Finite Element Methods (FEM), and Discrete Element Methods (DEM) of estimation of silo pressure were discussed. Special attention was paid to the following issues: dynamic pressure switch in the first moment of silo discharge, asymmetry of loads due to eccentric discharge, and impact of uncontrolled increase of moisture content of grain on silo pressures.

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