Assessment of Serum Ischemia-modified albumin, Prolidase and Thiol-Disulphide Levels in Subjects With Breast Cancer

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Background: Oxidative damage is of great importance for patients with breast cancer. Thus, studies were performed to identify the relationship between breast cancer and oxidative stress biomarkers.

Objectives: In this study, our aim was to find out the oxidative and antioxidant status, serum thiol-disulphide levels in subjects with breast cancer.

Methods: This study was conducted between March and June 2018 with 82 control subjects (aged between 32-67 years) and 127 breast cancer patients (aged between 27-66 years) (p=0.058) in Selcuk University Faculty of Medicine, Konya, Turkey. Serum myeloperoxidase (MPO), catalase, prolidase were analyzed with kinetic spectrophotometric and thiol-disulphide, ischemia-modified albumin (IMA), ceruloplasmin were detected by colorimetric methods.

Results: Serum levels of catalase [199.3 (16.4-489.9) vs 81.6 (18.2-322.9) (kU/L)], MPO [124±28 vs 101±31 U/L], disulphide [25 (11-61) vs 18 (2-41) µmol/L], IMA [0.66 (0.31-3.30) vs 0.62 (0.19-1.31) absorbance unit (ABSU)] and prolidase levels [2217±538 vs 1456±401 U/L] were higher in patients than control subjects (For all p<0.001 except for IMA p=0.031). Native thiol [342±60 vs 391±52 µmol/L] and total thiol levels [396±56 vs 430±52 µmol/L] were lower in patients compared with the control group (For all p<0.001).

Conclusions: Levels of serum thiol/disulphide and prolidase might be reliable indicators for determining oxidative status in certain patient populations.

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