Forming Students’ Professional Legal Competency in the Context of European Universities’ Experience

  • 1 Postgraduate Student, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine Address: 16-a Heroyiv Oborony St., Kyiv, 03041, Ukraine


The article deals with theoretical analysis of the educational process in European higher education institutions in the context of forming future social workers’ professional legal competency. Based on the study of scientific and reference sources the author has defined the peculiarities of the educational process in the most popular higher education institutions of European Union, offering Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Social Work, namely, social and technical division of labour based on the interdisciplinary relations (theoretical and practical learning, pre-professional research constituent during placements); stipulating for a less ethnocentric understanding of social problems; training of a social worker able to skillfully provide individuals, families, organizations and communities with social support to achieve optimal social functioning in a society; analysis of aims and objectives of modern social work in the local and global context of promoting human rights and social justice; application of social work methods with a focus on client participation in the process of changing; reflection of learning and professional experience and independent learning to develop professional skills of a social worker; obtaining specialization in social programmes and projects management aimed at optimizing social integration of social risk groups, such as the disabled, and supporting individuals, groups and communities (to help realize one’s potential, achieve social and economic justice, prevent one’s dysfunctions); accordance of doctrinal and operative education standards that reflect a modern approach to social work - an applied social science with various principles, values, theory and practice methodology.

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